Company Vision

Our company specializes in tailor-made industrial, commercial and decorative flooring solutions. We combine state of the art machinery, eco-friendly products and cutting-edge installation techniques.


Integrated Systems & Client Consulting Services


Integrated Systems & Client Consulting Services

Integrated Systems & Client Consulting

  • FLOORCAST has been at the forefront of industrial epoxy flooring installations since 2003
  • Our number one priority is to assess, analyze and propose long-term solutions for you
  • We strive to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering 24/7 technical support before and after each project 

Cutting-Edge Installation Techniques

  • Our technical team will evaluate every parameter of the existing substrate to optimize end-product quality
  • Our crews have been trained and certified overseas to operate state of the art machinery & equipment used for all flooring installations


Emission-Friendly Products; IRIS Sustainability Endorsed

  • FLOORCAST strives to continuously update all its products and processes to achieve the targets of the UN 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Targets; FLOORCAST is endorsed by sustainability cornerstone non-governmental organization IRIS Sustainable Development which focuses on building greener, healthier and more sustainable communities. As part of its CSR and sustainability programs, IRIS Sustainable Development provides consultancy services to companies who aim to become more eco-friendly by adopting sustainable practices. Find more about IRIS:
  • FLOORCAST utilizes sustainably developed raw materials that will render undertaken projects emissions-friendly

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The STONHARD Affiliate in the Balkans

  • FLOORCAST was founded in 2002. In 2004, FLOORCAST entered into a strategic partnership with STONHARD, the largest worldwide resinous mortar floor system producer and thus applies their mortar systems throughout Europe and the Gulf countries. Moreover we are their exclusive representatives in Greece and the Balkans.
  • FLOORCAST has extensive experience in resin flooring suitable for specific and specialized requirements such as conductive flooring, thermal loading requirements, heavy mechanical loadings, chemical loadings